Dakar, Senegal

Aviation career advising, testing and admissions centre


At Airways Aviation ESMA, we are committed to educating and preparing new generations of professionals of the aeronautics industry. Thanks to their dedication and passion, our team of trainers have made our school one of the most reputable in the world.


The aviation Foundation Course is delivered at our modern facilities in the heart of Dakar and is the perfect option for students interested in beginning their aviation training pathway close to home. Students experience a tailored curriculum developed by industry professionals to provide a meaningful introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of aviation.

All courses and training are conducted in English.


  • 1x ALSIM AL200 (FNPT II MCC) (arriving soon)

Training Provided

  • Pilot Foundation Course
  • Cabin Crew Training

Airways Aviation ESMA Africa,

Business Fann,

Cheikh Anta Diop Ave,

Dakar, Senegal

t: +221 77 440 52 52

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