Beirut, Lebanon

The Levant region's number 1 aviation academy

Training facilities

Our pilot training facilities span two areas: Beirut's International Airport and the Airways Aviation Lebanon management headquarters in Dbayeh, Mount Lebanon. We run our ground school at the latter in the heart of modern Lebanon and close to student accommodations and other student services. Our academy offers:

  • The only EASA approved pilot pathway programme in the Middle East
  • Foundation level aviation theory training
  • Hands-on simulator flight training
  • A modern fleet of airplanes
  • Large, purpose built classrooms
  • State-of-the-art hangars
  • Computer labs and study areas
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Student breakout areas, including common room and kitchen facilities
  • A fantastic team of dedicated and experienced trainers and student support staff
  • Career and training advice
  • A convenient and central location with a vibrant and friendly atmosphere


  • 2x Cessna 152
  • 2x Cessna 172S G1000
  • 1x Tecnam P92
  • 1x Tecnam P2006
  • 1x Tecnam P2010


  • 1x FNPT II

Training Provided

  • Initial & Advanced Flight Training
  • Cabin Crew Training

About Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport

The Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport is currently the only operational commercial airport in Lebanon. It is located approximately 9 km from the city centre and is the main point of entry into Lebanon along with the Beirut Port. The airport consists of:

  • A 3,250 m (10,663 ft) long runway
  • A 3,395 m (11,138 ft) long runway which protrudes out into the sea at an angle
  • A 3,800 m (12,467 ft) long runway which is currently the longest runway in the airport
  • A taxiway of 3,180 m (10,433 ft) is also available

Things to do

Beirut was named top place to visit by The New York Times in 2009 and one of the 10 liveliest cities in the world by Lonely Planet in that same year. Beirut's culture has evolved under the influence of many different civilisations, namely the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Ottoman Turks, and French. The country has always welcomed visitors from all over the world and caters to them with the best food, culture and entertainment. There are many beautiful places to visit such as Zaitunay Bay, Pigeon Rocks, Beirut Souks, Beirut and Sursock Museums, and Hamra Street, to name but a few.


Our course offering usually includes accommodation, making it one less thing for you to worry about. In case you wish to look for your own space, we can arrange and recommend a number of options.

Airways Aviation Lebanon,

General Aviation Terminal,

Hangar Nr. 5, Rafic Hariri International Airport,

Beirut, Lebanon

t: +961 76 030 333

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