Disability Policy

Airways Aviation jobs are open to those who qualify and are skilled and capable of handling their role tasks. Employment is offered on the basis of the best person for the particular post. Our academies, offices and schools vary in locations but generally, except for instructor and other airborne roles, offices and classrooms are located on ground and upper floors of buildings. Depending on the role, an employee may be required to work on either level and if the employee is unable to use the stairs to reach the upper level, they would either be allocated an office space on the ground floor or suitable modifications would be made, where possible, to enable them to access upper floors.

Airways Aviation welcomes any person who wishes to fly. Our aircraft do not have any specific modifications for disabilities, but our varied fleet enables us to offer a range of flying control options and we will generally accept most for Trial Introductory Flights on the condition that the individual is able to exit the aircraft unaided in the event of an emergency. Acceptance as a student or cadet on some courses would be subject to the relevant medical certificate being obtained.

Policies may vary by region and country and are subject to applicable local laws, regulations and requirements.

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