Top Gun - "A Love Letter To Aviation"

Airways Aviation

June 17, 2022

The film ‘Top Gun’ led a boom in interest in aviation when it was originally released in 1986 with record numbers of people wanting to become a pilot in the years following the release.

It now appears that history is repeating itself ‘big time’ with the record breaking sequel ‘Top Gun 2’.

At Airways Aviation, we were already witnessing a whole new generation of youth excited and inspired by Aviation but the volume of enquiries we have been receiving on how to become a pilot and enrollment options since the release of Top Gun 2, appears to be getting stronger by the day.

Tom Cruise called the new film a “love letter to aviation” and it seems to be absolutely hitting the mark with budding aviators across the world falling in love. Also, the timing could not be better to recruit new student pilots as the world drags itself out of the Government induced COVID mess and the aviation industry struggles to replace and fill the forecast shortages of pilots, cabin crew, ground handlers and engineers over the coming few decades.

‘TOPGUN’ started as a nickname for the US Navy Fighter Weapons School that specialises in advance aerial-combat training but in reality has always been a generic term referring to the ‘best or top in a class’ be it military or civil. In conjunction and cooperation with our renowned industry parter CAE, Airways Aviation trains Luftwaffe – German Airforce Cadet Pilots. We also teach & train students to become Commercial Airline Pilots and have several bespoke pathways to help them accomplish their passion and career goals.

Someone once hilariously said something like, (my transliteration and extrapolation) ‘the best careers in the world were to either be famous (entrepreneur, actor or rock star), a pilot or the President’. I don’t know about the others but as a pilot myself, I can certainly vouch for the excitement, personal satisfaction and career opportunities becoming a pilot can bring.

Romy Hawatt,
Founder and Chairman
Airways Aviation Group

With over 35 years of international experience and education & training locations strategically positioned across Europe, the Middle East and Australia, Airways Aviation today boasts being the largest privately owned group of multidisciplinary aviation academies of its kind.

Our advanced education & training programs couple practical & theory techniques within courses that are designed to match the rapidly increasing demand for students seeking optimum aviation career outcomes as certified EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Agency), ICAO and IATA professionals.

The Airways Aviation Group has trained more than 8,000 commercial pilots, graduated over 25,000 cabin crew, ground handling and maintenance professionals, and maintains over 50 aircraft in its global fleet.


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