Best way to kickstart an aviation career

Airways Aviation

October 13, 2014

Airways Aviation is the only Flight Training Academy in Australia that offers theory and flight training in helicopters and aeroplanes, culminating in a commercial pilot’s licence.

The Private Pilot Licence Aeroplane (PPLA) is the best way for students to kickstart their career in aviation, learning from the best while enjoying access to world-class facilities.

The PPLA has been developed for students who want to fly for fun, as well as those who are working towards acquiring a commercial pilot licence.

Offered at two campuses in Queensland, Australia (in Caloundra and on the Gold Coast), the course is available to domestic students and involves 6-8 weeks of full time study (or part-time equivalent). It incorporates theory as well as flight training in basic maneuvres, emergency procedures, take-offs and landings.

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