Airways Aviation welcomed the Private Further Education (PFE) inspectors.

Airways Aviation

July 3, 2019

Airways Aviation welcomed the Private Further Education (PFE) inspectors to Airways Oxford base on Monday 20th of May 2019. The inspection lasted till Thursday 23rd of May 2019 and it was found that “the academy meets expectations for the quality of education”.

The lead inspector arrived on the 20th of May to meet the team, have a tour in the facilities and initiate the procedure. On Tuesday the 21st, staff recruitment processes, student admission registration, health and safety procedures, teaching and learners’ achievements were checked and the inspectors met groups of students and staff. On Wednesday, ownership, leadership and management structures were observed, as well as accommodation provided by the academy. During the last day of the inspection, final meetings took place between the lead inspector and Airways team and feedback was provided. Two weeks later, the inspectors’ report was sent to the academy and was published in the ISI website and circulated among all current students and staff of the academy.

The report included an assessment of quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners’ achievements, student’s welfare, health and safety and the effectiveness of governance, leadership and management. It was found that “a wide range of high-quality courses are offered that fully meet the requirements of the CAA and the career objectives of the students. Instructors are enthusiastic and have excellent subject knowledge”. Regarding health, safety and welfare of students, comments were excellent. It was also reported that “all staff effectively contribute to a warm, welcoming atmosphere and students are very positive about the level of support they receive on personal and academic issues”. Finally, “a clear vision for the academy is shared by senior leaders and instructors, who work very well together for the good of the students”. Chris Brooks, Airways Aviation Safety and Compliance Monitoring Manager, after the end of the inspection stated: “Having spent the past 14 years working for a number of airlines worldwide, I am a relatively new arrival at AAA.  I have joined a very experienced team that, clearly, is dedicated to the success of our students and this is revealed by an excellent ISI report which we are very pleased indeed”.

PFE (Private Further Education) – a division of the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) – is an approved Educational Oversight inspection body authorised by the Home Office to inspect privately funded further education colleges and English language schools in England and Wales. It is an honour for Airways Aviation to continue to hold PFE approval for providing Tier 4 licences and to comply with the published Educational Oversight Standards.

Airways Aviation is globally recognised as a professional community in flight training and aviation education. The team commits to follow inspectors’ recommendations for further improvement.


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