Airways Aviation announces funding scheme for pilot training

Airways Aviation

June 7, 2016

Oxford, June 08, 2016: Global pilot training academy Airways Aviation is now offering a funding scheme for people wishing to train as a pilot in the UK and Spain, through an arrangement with BBVA.

BBVA's flight training loan scheme is a secured funding option and offers those interested in an aviation career a bespoke solution to finance pilot training.

Ian Cooper, Airways Aviation, CEO, says:

“The cost of pilot training is often a barrier that stops many people from pursuing their dream career and we are proud to offer alternative finance options for our students embarking on their pilot training with Airways Aviation. Our arrangement with BBVA opens up the world of aviation to a greater number of students, allowing them to take control of their flight training pathway and allows us to remove one of the obstacles on the route to becoming a professional pilot.”

Simon Brown, a current student at Airways Aviation, began his training before the scheme was introduced and sees it as an ideal flexible finance opportunity to help others pursue their dreams. Brown says:

“It’s my ultimate passion and dream to fly as a career and for a lot of people, including myself, finance is the biggest hurdle you have to overcome in order to commit to the course. I wish that the BBVA funding scheme had been available with Airways Aviation at the time I applied.

“Of course, you have to pay for the training course, but it doesn’t stop there. After that you’ve then got a type-rating for some airlines, so you’ve got that additional financial burden as well as the living costs whilst studying, so flexible financing packages that are available to improve your personal cash flow are certainly beneficial.”

Maria Jesus Suarez, BBVA Branch Manager Canary Wharf, says:

“BBVA is excited to announce that it has negotiated an arrangement with Airways Aviation for potential funding options for cadet pilots. We are looking forward to working with Airways Aviation on this exciting initiative.”

BBVA funding is open to eligible students who qualify for admission into the Airways Aviation Elite Pathways Programme (EPP) and who satisfy BBVA’s lending criteria and affordability assessment. The EPP is an EASA approved, fully integrated airline training programme.

For further details and to discuss a personalised funding/training agreement, please contact our Sales team on 01865 587 370 or visit .


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