Air & Sea Middle East Editor Kartikeya in conversation with Mr. Alexandre Alves GLOBAL COO & CCO - AIRWAYS AVIATION GROUP

Airways Aviation

February 21, 2024

Before we talk about Airways Aviation and business, we would be glad to hear your story on how Aviation has influenced you as a child and brought you here? How did you progress to your current position since you entered into this supreme industry?

I have a very atypical path in this industry. I never dreamed becoming a pilot or involved with aviation, I wanted to become an army officer and that’s what I did. But some years after I decided to leave the army and didn’t knew exactly what to do as all my training to date was not related to any civilian occupation. I ended up becoming a cabin crew, and long story short, 5 years after I started, I was Head of the Cabin Crew and Inflight Services department of a Business Aviation company...Read Full Article


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