Multi Crew Cooperation

Dakar, Senegal

Sicily, Italy

Bremen, Germany

Dubai, UAE

Hyderabad, India

Istanbul, Turkey

Lismore, Australia

Gold Coast, Australia

Beirut, Lebanon

Montpellier, France

10 days full time 30 theoretical knowledge 20 hours practical MCC training

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The aim of the Airways Aviation Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) course is to develop the technical and non-technical components of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to operate a multi-crew aircraft.

Trainees will be provided by the Head of Training, on behalf of Airways Aviation, a certificate of completion of MCC training by the time they have successfully completed the course.

The main competencies developed during the MCC training are:

  • Acquire an optimum level of skills to be a member of a multi-crew aircraft
  • Develop interpersonal skills for working in a multi-crew environment
  • Know, distribute, and delegate tasks on board to serve as Pilot Flying (PF) or Pilot not Flying (PM) in all phases of flight under normal, abnormal, and emergency conditions.
  • Know how to prepare and announce operational briefings
  • Introduction to Turbo Jet Aircraft operation i.e. Jet Engine or Jet Aircraft performance including High Altitude
  • Procedures for Windshear, GPWS, and TCAS Warnings
  • Introduction to Upset Recovery Techniques, UPRT
  • How to use checklists and perform cross-checks (mutual supervision)
  • The training aims to encourage the development of non-technical skills applicable to working conditions in a multi-crew aircraft.

Course Structure

Our MCC course is offered over 10 days and comprises:

  • Days 1-3: 25 hours of ground school theory instruction
  • Days 4-8: 20 hours of simulated flight training
  • Training aircraft: CRJ200 FNPT II full visual simulator

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Hold a valid aeroplanes license.
  • Hold a Medical Certificate as determined by the student’s license

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