Bachelor in Aeronautical Management & ATPL Licence - Montpellier Business School (MBS)

Dakar, Senegal

Sicily, Italy

Bremen, Germany

Dubai, UAE

Hyderabad, India

Istanbul & Samsun, Turkey

Lismore, Australia

Gold Coast, Australia

Beirut, Lebanon

Montpellier, France

3 years

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Airways Aviation – ESMA, in collaboration with Montpellier Business School, offers you a unique course allowing you to obtain a Bachelor in Aeronautical Management at the same time as your Pilot’s licence.

You will join one of the best Flight Academy in the world with one of the most prestigious Universities in France and thus enter the world of Aviation with the best diplomas and titles.

Payment and schedule

The indicative price for the program of double profession qualification is 105 000 euros (excluding accommodation, test fees, DGAC exam fees. Job seekers (in France) specifying the category are exempt from DGAC fees.)

The payment terms are:

· A payment of 5000 euros (Registration fee)

· 1st instalment of 25000 euros before the day of entry into training

· 7500 euros 4 months after the day of entry into training, 10 payments (one payment per month)

Financing options (only applicable to select Nationals)

What is the government guaranteed loan?

Each student is eligible for a loan, even though their resources or family conditions do not allow them to provide a deposit. The state guarantees 70% of the amount borrowed. In addition, the bank chosen as the lending institution supports the remaining 30%. However, not all banks offer this service. The student must choose to go to one of these affiliated banks: Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, Crédit Mutuel, Banque Postale, Banque Populaire, CIC, Caisses d’Épargne or BFCOI. Some, (such as Société Générale), are among the cheapest banks in terms of loan rates, savings accounts, fees abroad, commissions received, opposition fees, etc. If you want to have your bank account domiciled in one of the banks mentioned above, carefully compare the bank offers that will make the difference between each establishment.

Our local banking partner, Société Générale de Lattes, offers all future students of Airways Aviation financing at a preferential fixed rate of 1.39%, with a delay in the first monthly payments. Obtaining a student loan is subject to the validation of the file by the Bank. (Funding applications cannot be accepted for students whose parents have no tax declaration in France and / or no assets declared in France). In order not to delay your return to school, funding requests must be submitted several months in advance.

Previous experience

If you hold an Airplane PPL (EASA), you can request, when you return to Airways Aviation / ESMA or when registering, to take an in-flight assessment, so that you can be credited with hours allowed. This flight will take place once the theoretical ATPL has been obtained. This hourly credit will depend on the quality of your driving (maximum credit 40 hours).

Accommodation We offer a few different accommodation options, please visit Alternatively, you can send a mail to or by phone: +33. (0)

  • 17 years old minimum (18 years old at the date of the CPL check)
  • have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • A good level of B2 English (Interview with one of our instructors)
  • An unrestricted EASA class 1 medical certificate
  • Successfully pass the E-learning entrance test