Defense & Security

With a respective history and track record of decades of experience, Airways Aviation & CAE Defense & Security provide a range of essential Flight Training Programs to select Defense, Police & Security customers.


Our joint training partnership currently deliver the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) and German Navy Air Wing their basic Ab-Initio Training’ through to advanced Multi Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR) under a long-term contract at our world class facilities in both Montpellier, France and Bremen, Germany.

We provide a complete Training System Integration solution that allows our customer to focus on missions and not be overly distracted or burdened by the initial flight training phases. 

Benefits we offer to Defense & Security associates include:

  • International through EASA / EMAR / CASA compliance.
  • Basic Ab-initio through to MEIR.
  • Cost effective maximization of training capabilities
  • Off-the-shelf civil solutions customized to military needs or bespoke programs tailored to suit military requirements. 
  • Highest standards with former military instructors.
  • Training disciplines, skills and leadership qualities designed to sustain military foundational readiness.
  • The rapid deployment of selected military Cadets into our training program.
  • Agility during changing demands.
  • Continuous monitoring, assessment and reporting of the individual cadet journey to their Commanders.
  • Cadets are awarded their European EASA Civil Air Transport Pilots or CASA Commercial Pilot License upon graduation with us. 
  • Supporting pilot recruitment & training pipelines to meet future military & civilian needs & demands in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We also offer the complete customisation of Military training modules to include:- 

  • UPRT and Aerobatics.  
  • Long Range Navigation. 
  • Special Mission modules. 
  • Military Instructor Training in accordance to EASA standards etc.

It is important to note that the award of an EASA ATPL License helps assure the respective Commanders that their Cadets have qualified at the highest European standard whilst simultaneously also providing the Cadet an assurance of a commercial aviators career, upon retirement at any stage, from Military service

The opportunity of military cadets attaining a European Commercial Pilot License, as a hallmark of their training, may assist you in attracting and recruiting the best candidates to join your pilot program.  It is a fact that experienced military pilots (already holding a European EASA ATPL are highly regarded and sort after by commercial airlines and private operators globally but may also importantly provide an elegant solution to satisfy your national and regional airline future needs.